Wall Mounted Wheel Chairs Storage For Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Poly-Clinics, Medical Centers

Wall-mounted storage of folded wheelchairs for hospitals, poly-clinics, nursing homes, medical centers
Wall Mounted Brackets To Store Up To 5 Folded Wheelchairs. Economical, Quick ROI, Quick Install Strong Simple Reliable Solution For Folded Wheelchairs Storage. Frees-Up Valuable Hospital Space, Reduces Space Requirement In Storerooms. Wall Mounted Storage Avoids Chances Of Denting, Scrapping, Damaging Items. Push Button Operation Helps Easy Operation By Any Labor, No Need For Strong Man. Allows Easy Access To Inventory, Enables Visual Inspection Of Stocks, Avoids Climbing And Risk Of Dropped Folded Wheelchairs And Injuries.
Wall mounted storage of folded wheel chairs for hospital, poly-clinics, nursing homes, medical centers